Thursday, August 15, 2013

Unmasking th3 J35t3r ... or not

He goes by the Twitter handle th3j35t3r, and has taken the phrase "tango down!" from a military term to something that has come to mean that somewhere in cyberspace, a web server serving up hate or inciting Jihad is screaming. Sir J3t53r (or "J" as he is affectionately known to some) is loved, hated and even stalked (yep, seriously ... weirdo stalker alert!) - but above all he's respected.

So who is that masked man?

Some have guessed him a wounded warrior.
Some have guessed him a fraud.
Some have guessed him a CIA, NSA, FBI or other agency operative.
Some have guessed he's some kid in his mom's basement.
Maybe he's 5 penguins in a trenchcoat.

You know what, I don't think it really matters.

Many have tried to "dox" him, to dig deep and analyze his every word, move, geo-location and tweet to try and figure out his true identity. There have been some pretty interesting attempts, but you have to admit the guy could quite literally write the book on Operational Security (OpSec) - he's proving to be that good.

I'm going to go back to my previous statement - I don't really think it matters just who th3j35t3r is in real life - he's transcended the humanity of a human being and has become an idea many, many believe in.

Operationally, th3j35t3r does things that the US Government probably wants to do but doesn't want to get caught doing it...shutting down or temporarily disabling web sites that incite death and destruction across the globe isn't a clean business. Th3J35t3r has proven time and again that he's not afraid to get dirty, and break a few rules. When the organizations who should care are overwhelmed, under-resourced, and arguably over-matched we send in 007 with a jester hat.

So then who, or more importantly what is this @th3j35t3r?

He's me.
He's you.
He's everyone who is gets sick to their stomach every time bureaucracy and red tape makes it possible for good people to throw up their hands in defeat or stand idly by while bad people do bad things unchecked.

So I pose this ... you see people running around with those Guy Fawkes masks representing their movement ... maybe it's time for jester hats and jester masks? Maybe it's high time we acknowledge the idea behind the hacker.

Love him, or hate him - Th3J35t3r is more than a person ... he's an idea who's time I believe has come.


Jeff Singleton said...

Dude! Yes! Yes! Yes! Get some!! If you were standing right here, I would high 5 you "the Todd" style!

I am going to make posters of this blog entry and paste it up everywhere I go.


Unknown said...

You are clearly a moron. this mindless bullshit is nothing more than a promotional for a criminal douchebag. of note, one who pretends to be a hacker yet has only demonstrated his ability to use slowloris on puny poorly secured websites.

There is little evidence otherwise. Thus, your cheerleading is noted. And it is nothing more than that.

Unknown said...

This mindless drivel is nothing short of grandizing a douchebag who has shown little more than the ability to use slowloris.

You sir are an easily impressed moron. Put down your pomb pombs, you look silly in that cheerleader outfit.

Jeff Singleton said...

Look mommy, its Ben Nichols the moron police. He can't even make his point in a single comment.

Did Ben take his meds today?

Jeff Singleton said...

Oh..and its pom-poms, not pomb pombs. Use a dictionary much? Who's the moron now?