Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hackers "Borrow" Excess Server Capacity, Play CoD: Black Ops

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"For Satan always finds some mischief still for idle hands to do." --Isaac Watts

Those pesky hax0rz.
They just want to hack in, steal your data, plant trojans and spread evil.  ...sometimes not though.

Stories like this just don't get enough coverage because it's more funny than sinister - but apparently on November 12th, around 2:00am local time someone broke into the Seacoast Radiology of Rochester, NY server and didn't try and download their 232Gb of database ...nope, they just borrowed the server to play "Call of Duty: Black Ops".  For 4.5hrs that night someone was using the radiology center's server capacity to play a video game.

You can just tell when someone is giving a quote that they don't know what they're really saying which is evident in lines like this one:

"Our server is 232 gigabytes,” Wood told SecurityNewsDaily. “If somebody tried to download it with the speed that we have, it would take them 27 days. We don’t think there’s someone out there with a huge database trying to pick and choose who they’re going to attack"  (Source: MSNBC)

Well ... I for one am glad this person has a crystal ball, because I'm not sure I would make a statement like this one:

"Wood said Seacoast has not received any reports of identity theft related to the incident. He believes the hackers took advantage of the server’s size simply to play the massively popular video game and nothing more."

Mischief ...or something more sinister?  I certainly have no idea ...but it's certainly not your typical hacking story.

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