Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Worried About Your Children Online? You Should Be...

Fair warning - this will make you sick.

The headline on reads:
 "Germany indicts man who hacked webcams to film children"

The reality is that child predators have a much easier time on the Internet than they would in the real world ...and in this virtual world where they can be anyone they want to be the predator can be any age, sex, or personality to convince a child to put stuff onto their computer.  What happens next is an all-too-real sad fact of modern life.

The question then becomes ...what do we do about this?  Besides putting a needle into the arm of this bastard so he never hurts another child again ...what do we do?  Is better control the solution?  Anti-malware protection?

I think that ultimately the ownership of protecting your children is the parent's responsibility...and in the ever-increasingly connected world of the Internet parents need to arm themselves with as much knowledge as their children.  Your 9 year old shouldn't be better at the computer than you are... plain and simple.

While you can't control every minute of every day of your child's life, we can certainly teach them from a young age that security "best practice" like not accepting unknown files from people they don't know or trust, or other things we have been trying to teach our corporate users for years, should be followed or there could be dire consequences.  The notion of "stranger danger" applies to EVERYONE on the Internet... there are no "real people" unless mom or dad says so...unless mom or dad doesn't know better either?

Ultimately, parents, protect your children.  Teach them well, and put in as many safeguards as you can technologically to ensure that these types of predators can't get at them online.  It's just sick that human trash like this is allowed to exist... if I had my way justice for these animals would be swift...preferably with a large caliber to the skull.

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