Monday, July 12, 2010

When All Else Fails ... Sue

Just a quick note because I can't believe what I'm reading this morning.  It's been all over Twitter, and now it's written up in Forbes Online ...

Headline Reads:

Wowza.  I almost spit my coffee through my nose this morning when I read that!  There are so many things that I want to say in comment - but I will limit them to the (mostly) factoid-based thoughts...

  • Maybe I'm missing something ...but looking up this pink-sheet stock (LGTT.PK) shows a healthy $0.00 value ...which is about right
  • How is LIGATT's legal team going to prove that Chris and the others manipulated a stock that has zero value?
  • What lies were these people spreading? I seem to recall many non-truths that Greg and his thinly veiled personas were spreading via Twitter ...
The best is this quote ... from Greg Evans himself:

"Evans explains that he hopes to set a trend by starting these investigations. "Once we begin suing bashers, other OTC companies will follow. 99% of these people who are bashing the company's stock have never ran a business, or know anything about business. They think that they can spread lies about a company with no repercussions, and that will not happen with LIGATT," says Evans."
Gotta love wishful thinking right?

Hey, he is the world's #1 Hacker ...and he did take Kevin Mittnick "under his wing" (which Kevin completely denies), and he is a CISSP ...or maybe he just made everything up.


Irongeek said...

Think some people need to look more into the Lakesha Wilson case. I did some digging after Pres98 made a post about some legal cases involving Ligatt

Lakesha Wilson use to work for Ligatt as COO and President, think it's the same lady as this:
though she does not list Ligatt as a former employer.

here is a video from when she worked there:

Seems she had a stalking charge against Greg:

Seems Ligatt also file charges against her:

I Found info on Ligatt vs. Wilson case:

If I understand what "DWOP" (ORDER OF DISMISSAL FOR WANT OF PROSECUTION) means, the plaintiff did not do whatever it was they needed to do to continue the case.

Just bluffing perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Hey it's something Evans is used to! A courtroom!