Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is It Even A Question?

So, what you're saying is by installing this plug-in to Chrome, which I haven't seen or vetted the source code for, I'm giving it access to my data on all websites and my browsing history?

Why would a paste-bin tool need access to my browsing history?  Shouldn't this plug-in be enabled on a per-site basis, where I want to use it rather than give it global access to everything I browse?!

Why would anyone in their right mind click the Install button!?  Or am I just that paranoid?


cyber-zenith said...

oh ya! great!

shewfig said...

What I wonder is whether this plugin _actually_ does any of that, or whether the "developer" just clicked those flags in the metadata. Either way, it feels to me like sloppy coding - get it out there quick, we'll fix it later if there's sufficient demand. Or maybe I'm just that cynical.

Cd-MaN said...

I agree with shewfig that this is probably a case of the lazy developer. But I also thing that many (most?) of the people would click install anyway because they just want to see the "dancing pigs".