Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This passes for "hacking"?

Short post- just a quick thought because it's late and I just can't let this go...

I've never given the "Huffington Post" a second thought because it's generally accepted to be written by mildly retarded chimpanzees but this crap just drives me absolutely nuts.  I have a Google News feed for "hacked -limb -death" and I've gotten about 7-8 news articles about "hacked road signs" in Miami.

Wasn't this old news like ... months ago?!

Wait is popping a roadway sign box, and changing what's on the signs "hacking".  Can we come up with a definition of hacking for the media to reference, so they don't go off and confuse vandalism with hacking repeatedly?

I get that hacking is the hot thing to report on ...and changed road signs are funny as hell - but this is just stupid. Dear media people: please get a clue and stop over-hyping everything as hacking.

...and now I'm off to add a "-Huffington" to the search terms ...*sigh*

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