Monday, May 31, 2010

Media Covering Security is so Frustrating

Look, I'm not going to echo the FT article which quotes some anonymous Google employee that "Google is ditching Windows" ... but this bares emphasis.  I'm not one to take many journalists seriously [except for someone like Brian Krebs] since security is just such a complex subject few do anything short of echoing hype a writing pieces that make little sense - so again ... why post this?

Well ... I like to read articles of all types often for no other reason than to pick out the absurd pieces of "fact" that hide within.  This ...this is a win-by-2-point-conversation-in-overtime kind of awesome.  Let me set it up for you...

Over the years Microsoft was the poster child for crappy security - that no one will deny.  Over the years those who get it eventually acknowledged that the reason for this was predominantly because they were the popular kid on the block.  Having something like 90%+ market-share on business and home user desktop operating systems pretty much paints a big, blinking bullseye on your forehead.  This doesn't necessarily mean you're any more or less secure than any other competing platform - it just means that you're a target a hundred-fold more than everyone else.  Unfortunately for the boys and girls in Redmond they actually were pretty shoddy on security so that culminated into a perfect situation for security trolls, OS bigots and Mac advertising executives.

Things have changed, however, and Microsoft's flagship operating systems currently are leaps and bounds more secure than much of the competition ... so when the FT writer drops in a quote like this ...I had to laugh out loud:
“Many people have been moved away from [Windows] PCs, mostly towards Mac OS, following the China hacking attacks,” said another.
Really?  Moving away from Windows to Mac?  For what, better security?  Really?  OK then...

This demonstrates one of two things: either the writer completely made that up (which I'm leaning towards) demonstrating a complete lack of security understanding ...or their source at Google gave that quote between mopping floors.  The other option which of course is very legitimate is that the Google source demonstrates the obvious lack of security understanding we all have grown to expect from the Google minions.  I'll leave that one alone though...

So, back to this "article" ... which is either entirely made up (as someone on Slashdot has pointed out due to the quote of 10,000 employees - Google has north of 20,000 Mr. Journalist) or a sad attempt to gain clicks and buzz by getting on the sensationalist bandwagon with the inflammatory topics of Windows(+1) and Google(+1). I guess David (the author) achieved what he wanted to if he just wanted clicks ...but I don't suspect he'll be winning any long-term respect with anyone who has a clue.

So - is Google ditching Microsoft?  Who cares, I say.  We all know there is a trifecta of love between Microsoft, Google and Apple but there's no story there.  Quite frankly what I find more shocking is that Google hasn't moved over to their Chrome OS completely for internal purposes.  What's sort of telling for me is that Google is still on Windows.  No one will accuse Google of being privacy OR security -conscious.

So why all the hubub ...bub?

Edit-- The bobbleheads are showing up!  Henry Blodget cites an already suspect (and I'm being polite) source...  Can someone get a Google source to confirm this story before it spreads like the BP oil disaster?

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