Thursday, April 1, 2010

What I've Been Reading March 2010

The Information Security industry is so dynamic that many of the main-stream media outlets are simply too slow at delivering news.  How many times did you read something on ZDNet that was actually news about 3 days ago on the blogs?  The problem is, how do you stay current?  There are literally thousands of blogs out there, and many of us in the security industry constantly read, read, and read to keep up with what's going on, whats news and what's going to be in the media tomorrow - but knowing what to read is tough.

I'm going to do a monthly series on blogs I find of value - as I find them.  There are too many good blogs out there that just don't get the coverage and readership they should... so maybe some of my readers can find some new place to get their InfoSecurity 411.

If you have a blog you want to submit for this, please leave a comment, email or Twitter DM me ... I will publish your suggestions in the April edition of "What I've Been Reading"...

  • The Test Manager - A great, informative blog written by Martin Hall focusing on testing, tips and tricks and security from a test manager's perspective.  Martin is clearly qualified, to speak on the topics he writes about, and he's not going to overwhelm you with crap... overall a recommended read.
  • CounterMeasures -Rik Ferguson of Trend Micro writes a brilliant blog on all things InfoSecurity from an anti-malware company's perspective.  He's got great insight, good content, and he's just a good dude.  Lots of content you won't find anywhere else and more importantly there's always something to get you thinking...recommend this one too!
  • DarkNet - Look, I'll be honest, if you're not reading DarkNet then you're missing a metric ton of information security testing-related information from a fire hose.  This blog has something new all the time and you should be checking this in your RSS reader at least daily.
  • FireEye Malware Intelligence Lab - One of the places I turn to read about some of the nasty crap floating out there in the nether regions of the Internet... they don't update all the time but when they do the content is dead-on, informative, and useful.
  • Jack Mannino's Blog - You know Jack does he.  It's a light-hearted blog and even though Jack's a Mets fan I still recommend this one to have in your reader.

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