Friday, March 26, 2010

Dr. Howard, Dr. Larry, Dr. Moe? We have a problem.

Background: This is a doctor's office.  This is the same doctor's office that mandates your SSN on at least 4 forms because they claim my insurance company needs it to verify that I am covered. (Reality: I called my insurance company, they do not need my SSN).  Additionally, almost all records in this office are electronic.  Doctors have tablets, computers have all my medical data, etc.  There is still a ton of paper in the office, with test results, signatures, diagnoses, etc ... which I assume (or rather, hope) eventually gets converted to digital format and the originals get shredded.

This door is in the back of the office where, if I wanted to, I could pretend to go to the bathroom and disappear into there for a good while before anyone noticed.  I stood there for at least 2 minutes without anyone walking by, or even hearing a voice nearby.  What do you want to bet this is where their wireless, wired networks converge?  What do you want to bet that there is a dust-covered server in here with backup tapes sitting on top of it?

Oh well...


Ben said...

What do you wanna bet that you didn't cancel your service with this provider and immediately begin looking for a new provider? :-D

Anonymous said...

Wow, they locked it! Whoops they left the key in. Doh!

Rafal Los said...

@Anonymous - LOLZ

@Ben - actually here's the sick part. It wouldn't matter if I left that very second. My records would stay there, in paper and electronic format - until the end of time... or 7 years I think ...something like that.
That being said, they're a great doctor's office in spite of the fact that they have NO clue on "security". I bet they've got piles and piles of paperwork where they make people sign the HIPAA disclosure.

Eugene said...

Don't worry, it won't matter soon. Soon all our medical records will be in either some massive government database or in the "cloud".