Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Seriously.  What the hell is wrong with everyone freaking out over yet another Google privacy snafu?

What part of "Google is a marketing company, relying on advertising revenue" don't you get?  You think Google (and others like them) make money by protecting your privacy?  Seriously?

I had that segment of Saturday Night Live called "Seriously?" run through my head just now ... Google privacy? Seriously?

Are you not aware that when you use Google's free services that you're paying the price of having your personal information exploited for the benefits of Google's monstrous financial gains? Seriously?

Did you think that Google makes a crap-ton of cash in every possible economic condition by providing free search, email, and social media apps?  Seriously?

Did you think that your friends, their contact details, emails, their interactions, places you've searched, places you've called, places you've mapped, sites you've tagged, things you've buzzed about, medical records, chat logs and everything else is ...private and cared-for by the Google privacy police? Seriously?

Hey - wake up McFly.  If you think Google's Buzz is anything but another way to exploit people's relationships, and data-mine the "hot topics" for Google's financial gain you seriously need to wake the hell up.

Hi, Google Buzz has security bugs, privacy whoopsies and most likely tons of other crap you're never going to find out about wrong with it... surprised?  Seriously?!

Someone had to say it...(again).

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