Wednesday, February 24, 2010

InfoSec News You Probably Missed

Hey everyone, I've been reading the wires, posts and articles and have found a few nuggets that you may or may not have already read.
There seems to be a heavy emphasis on Cyber Warfare which I can only imagine fuels security vendors' sales efforts...but probably not much else in terms of reality.  All that FUD that the government-sponsored "think tank" raised a few weeks ago with their Cyber Shockwave (of bullsh**) ..has really done nothing to give us any sort of "realistic" view of what will happen (or could happen) in an actual cyber-attack... but the fallout is everywhere. 

But I digress... enjoy the stories and articles I find relevant - I hope they're relevant to you.

  • China calls Google & US's allegations of state-sponsored hacking bullsh** via the press [LINK]
  • Intel, not wanting to be left out releases 10K filing that says "Me too! Me too!" to being hacked by China [LINK]
  • Huffington Post's brilliantly written piece [sarcasm] titled "Are we on the Brink of a Cyber War?" only the Huffington Post's sensationalist needs can produce [LINK]
  • Someone calling himself "Neo" (seriously, get an original name dude) and trying to Robin Hood his way into fame in Latvia hacked the Latvian version of the IRS... Kudos! [LINK]
  • This "hacker" is my new hero - he got arrested for putting porn on a billboard! [LINK]
  • Here's an article I bet you didn't see - Chemical Facility Security News had an interesting piece on a break-in at a water treatment facility...chilling how inept the investigators are! [LINK]
That's it for now!  Send me anything you think people should be reading or hearing about ...cheers!

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nickhacks said...

The first time I saw one of those fancy giant LED-TV-screen style billboards I thought "How hard would it be to get my own content on there?"

I left things at that stage tho.