Monday, January 25, 2010

I am officially a liability

In case the rock you've been living under doesn't get the Internet (or Twitter) ... I dialed into the Exotic Liability Podcast this past Saturday ... yea...

I only mention this because I've gotten about 30 emails (and literally dozens and dozens of tweets) in the past 12 hours telling me that you listened to it.  All of you... let me just say that I didn't realize that many of you knew who I was, much less would know how to find me!

It's almost strange opening up my work email to find that no less than 10 people I've never met from within my own company "couldn't stop laughing" listening to me rant on and make in-poor-taste jokes with Nickerson and Jones.

Oh... right - thanks for having me on the show guys.

Now that I am officially a liability (and when was I not!?) ... I encourage you to give the podcast a listen (just not the one I was on, #46 ... avoid that one at all cost) because these guys are rude, funny, and occasionally accidentally informative.

In a world of Information Security podcasts that take themselves way too seriously, it's nice to know that there are still people insane enough and respected enough to make complete asses of themselves, and invite guests ... and have a copious amount of listeners!

To everyone I offended (which should number pretty high) ... screw it, I won't apologize ... I had a great time.

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