Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fox News: Bring Your Toddler To Work Day?

As someone (@bug_bear) aptly pointed out in response to me posting this on Twitter ... "Is it bring your toddler to work day" at Fox News?

Might be that someone at Fox is testing out some new tool ... that auto-publishes to their site and Twitter at the same time? Or maybe ... they were pwn3d?

... personally I'm leaning towards the toddler theory. Either way, I know it's OT and nothing to do with security (or maybe ... naaaa) but I saw it and had to post it!

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Stephan Wehner said...

Here's the link for the status:

Which states:

BUSINESS: Adfsdfsadf As Asdf Asdf Asdf. Adfsdfsadf As Asdf Asdf Asdf

-End Status-

Found through Google search,

The tinyurl goes to