Monday, September 14, 2009

Ethical Hackers ... Like ... "Robin Hood"??

I have no idea how this made it into my inbox, but someone (named "RobbinH00d) sent this to my GMail yesterday... so I'm going to post it because I find it humorous. Looks like some hacking group is trying to be the Robin Hood of hacking, helping out those who just can't figure out how to hack for themselves...

Check out this post on (which is an interesting site...):

"About Us:
We are a group of Ethical Hackers based in the Turkey but our staff comprises of Experienced hackers around the world, we have over the years strategically recruited the best hackers from the UK,USA,Russia,India,Philippians,Vietnam and Egypt.
Our policy is simple "making the world a better place by creating an equal balance" in other words, hack the rich and give to the poor, Robin Hood style :-)
The way we do this is to sell Carding Stuff and hacking softwares and tools at really cheap prices so that everyone can afford it and also be able to hack.You can definitely be a hacker with our new approach tutorial. We can offer you pre-written tutorials but we will also allocate you your own specialist hacker, who you can add to your yahoo messenger and will give you a more hands on approach by teaching you everything you want to know over instant messenging.
We are ethical hackers and here to help not make money, we only charge because of the cost,time and effort involved in the services and products we offer.
Enjoy your stay and we hope we can help.
Thank you!! :-)"
Wait. Ethical hackers, right? Robbing the rich, teaching the ... non-31337?

OK, I'm amused. You mean if I pay them I can have my own "ethical hacker" on stand-by on Yahoo IM, to teach me everything I need to know?

Some of the services they have available...
  • Hacking classes
  • Carding services (CVV, CVV2, and "fulls" which are full-info packages)
  • Maillist, mailers, cPanel
  • Shipping service
  • Spamming service
  • Shells
  • SMTP relays
  • Logins for banks, PayPal, eBay and other merchants
  • Card reader/writers
... where is the ethical hacking... this is straight black-hat!

Either there is a huge market for lame, wanna-be hackers ... or these guys are just getting desperate! Come on there, "Big HAcker Group"... really? Well, at least their prices seem somewhat reasonable, haha.

If you want to give yourself a good laugh, read the rest of their post... I chuckled all the way to the end.

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