Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Worthwhile reads - and commentary

Over the past few weeks I've had very little time to actually sit down and research the topics I want to write about, but I've been trying to keep up on my reading of blogs, news and such. I know that as Q4 approaches and we all start to wind down for the year (unless you work with sales teams like I have the pleasure of doing) the gotta get this in projects are now in full swing and you've got very little time to sit and read. That being said, I've compiled a few articles below that I read and think you should too. Of course, where would a post from me be without my unique take on the subject via commentary!

  • "Hackers break into police computer as sting backfires"
    In short - wow. Conducting a raid and missing your target it one thing. Knowing the bad guy got away because he had previously hacked your idiotically poor security and gotten wind of your raid - yea, that's criminal.
  • "Gonzalez: The Al Capone of Cyber Thieves?"
    Leave it to a retail industry online trade-mag to add some drama to an already unbelievable story. Albert Gonzalez, whom you already should be familiar with, will now go down into the record books as almost getting away with the largest series of hacks ever. Almost. Note to Al... hey dumbass, if you're already negotiating a plea with federal agents... STOP HACKING... Oh, kudos on the "Soup Nazi" handle. More here from the AP.
  • "Radisson Hotels: Data breach affected 'limited' number of sites, guests"
    Yes, yet another hotel has been breached. Radisson's website says "At this time we do not know how many properties and/or consumers/guests were affected".... but they're quick to point out it was a limited group. Sure, limited to your customers, maybe. More on Radisson's issues here, here, and here.
  • "University College Berkeley hit by second data breach in six months..."
    How bad is the security over that at UC Berkeley? Seriously. 2 major reportable breaches in 6 months... you know it would have cost them LESS to do a line-by-line code review of all their critical sites than to keep shelling out cash for disclosure-related costs! Can I get a trifecta?

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Unknown said...

That last article, "UC" stands for "University of California" NOT "University College":