Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday - TSA on My Mind

Happy Monday everyone, as I travel this week I can't help but notice some of the silly things still going on at the airports. Of course, my love for the TSA always shows through so here are some interesting things I've encountered or read involving the TSA today.

At Chicago's ORD today was the typical circus of mad people, crying babies, and TSA agents standing around signing off on your boarding pass. Nothing exciting or monumental to report here.

Now, I can't believe I of all people am writing about this... but since it's actually a bright spot in the TSA record, I thought I'd share. If you, much like me, thinks the TSA is 90% theater and 10% security then hopefully we've found the 10% ... check out this story on the TSA's success in foiling a drug dealer. Keep in mind while this actually has nothing to do with security, it does mean that someone in there paid attention during all that security training those TSA folks get...

Oh, and since I'm writing about interesting developments at the TSA... have you been through one of these whole-body scanners yet? I'm going to echo what Connie Schultz wrote... ew, ew, ew. I've thought about some of the non-security aspects (ie, privacy) of this type of technology and while the TSA agent guidelines around the screening process seem sound... the devil is in the enforcement, right? Man, that is a job I would not want.

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