Monday, July 20, 2009

31337 Spotlight: Mubix

Hi! and welcome to the 31337 spotlight. As this blog approaches post #300, a massive milestone in my mind, I wanted to highlight some of the people who really don't get enough coverage, but should. With that in mind I hope you enjoy reading about some of these extremely creative folks...

This 31337 Spotlight shines on someone who goes by "Mubix". He can be found on Twitter as @Mubix and on his blog at Room362... and always has something interesting to say. So without further ado... let's get to know Rob Fuller... aka Mubix.

  • Mubix - tell us something about yourself
Umm.. just another guy in infosec really. I have a bio on my site under "about",
but a bunch of text will never give you a whole view of someone, even if it
comes from the person themselves. So, if you're readers want to know about me,
I'm always open to a good conversation, intellectual, or otherwise, and they can
email me at or come up to me at any of the Podcasters Meetups, Conferences, or local meetups that I go to. Twitter too of course.
  • What types of technologies do you focus your 'hacking' on (and why)?
Right now I'm on a Metasploit / Reverse Engineering / Exploit Dev high. In late
2008 I was getting into a creative rut, and taking the Offensive Security course really energized me. I'm addicted to learning, just like the rest of us. That's always the "why" for me.
  • What your most famous/proud accomplishment over the course of your career?
I wouldn't say anything I've done is "famous" but the accomplishment that I am
most proud of? My Couch to Career talk, and not for my sake, but for the people
who have sent me emails saying how it's helped them display the confidence to
land them the job they wanted. Nothing better than getting those kinds of emails.
  • What got you started in Information Security...
The real answer? I wanted to learn how to hack, how to exploit a machine, how to become the super 1337 h4x0r. That's the honest answer.
  • Tell us something that people rarely know about you?
People are often surprise about how tall I am, (6'4'', which really isn't that
tall). But if I had to think of a "secret" to tell, it would be that one of
my favorite past times is sitting in public, just profiling people (making
assumptions based on actions, clothing, and interactions). I actually taught
my little sister how to do this and she was surprisingly a quick student.
  • BONUS: What was your first computer system?

I was more of a gamer than a computer person, my Game Genie was my first
hacking at home platform. You know, finding the value that held your health and
then making it static at 100. FTW.

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