Thursday, June 25, 2009

What ever happened to...

  1. AirCell and American Airlines' "wi-fi in the sky" campaign? So much was made about a year ago and discussions circulated around the security circles... and now no one's said a peep about it months. AirCell's Blog has been quiet since 2007 (shocking!) According to their press release section on their site, they've completed an FAA certification "3 months ahead of schedule" so that must mean it's safe, secure and hacker-proof right?
    "BROOMFIELD, Colo., June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Aircell, the world's leading provider of airborne communications, announces that it has received full FAA certification (STC and PMA) for its new High Speed Internet system in the business aviation market and that shipments have commenced three months ahead of schedule. The system's first installation has been completed by Midcoast Aviation aboard a Bombardier Challenger 605 operated by a Midwest-based flight department." (linked here)
  2. After beating up on McAfee's "Hacker Safe" (now McAfee Secure) program for a while, the security community seems to have left the folks over at Comodo (see their "Hacker Proof" program) to their own devices... continuing to provide their customers (and the customers of those web sites) the finest false sense of security $2,295.00/yr can buy. What ever happened to crusading against such blatant marketing (notice I didn't say security) stupidity?
  3. Then there was the sage of HoudiniSoft (remember?). They got involved in a massive law suit because they were offering to unlock people's carrier-tethered cell phones (thus breaking those illegal monopolies... wait, did I say illegal?). Where did that go? Their website now touts them as a legal way to re-provision cell phones.. COOL! So I can take my T-Mobile locked phone and "re-provision" it to say...AT&T? (GSM capabilities are currently under development, according to their FAQ, bummer). That sounds pretty cool... I'm sure there are still some legal issues there - but I'm glad to see these guys are still around.
So... there you have it - 3 relevant stories that seemed to have fallen off the grid, silently.

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