Friday, April 3, 2009 DDoS'd off the Internet

The hot story the last 24 hours has been behemoth DNS registrar They have been, apparently, getting pounded by a distributed denial of service over the past several (24+) hours, and I can count myself among the domains down.

The Inquirer (INQ) is carrying the story here, with little other coverage, oddly enough.

What is going on at I'm losing business as seconds turn to minutes turn to hours turn to days now... I'm raging mad and I can't even get their overwhelmed tech-support folks to pick up the phone!

If you've been affected by the massive DDoS - leave a comment either here or on the INQ's site... needs to know this is not acceptable.


Beloved Spear said...

I'm the pastor of a small congregation...our site's been down pretty much all day, along with our email service. Fool that I am, I've also got the address for my primary blog through Remind me about the whole "eggs in one basket" thing next time I'm fool enough to do that.

All still down as of 4:40 Eastern Standard Time today.

Nick D said...

are you still having an issue with email? please let me know so i can get onto it straight away.

we are very sorry that this has impacted you and your congregation. unfortunately when we get attacked by some idiots who have no regard for those they impact, it hurts both us and our customers.

again, i am sorry. please let me know if you still have issues.

Rafal Los said...

@Nick D: Thanks for the comment... awesome that I have a reader from staff. If you have a minute, leave a comment with your contact info - would love to interview you or someone in your org with what went down, how, and what you did about it... if possible!! My readers would love to know.

Anonymous said... now owns -- the sale was finalized this past summer. However, continues to have problems. They were attacked -- AGAIN -- on November 12, November 13, November 14, 2010. When I contacted the company to get reimbursed for the money paid to them to KEEP ME IN BUSINESS -- they said "it isn't out fault."

This is what is posted on's website: "with our 100% Uptime Guarantee," -- which, as I have said before, IS WORTHLESS!! don't fall into the same rats nest where you pulled from. RESPECT YOUR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS!! And, when compensation is requested, COMPENSATE!! - Kirby Sommers