Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Password Re-use Lessons for the Seoul

An article on the Joong Ang Daily site today had a lesson for Koreans that the whole world can share in: Don't re-use the same login/password everywhere on the 'net.
"Two computer programmers were indicted yesterday on charges of hacking into Web sites and obtaining personal data of 2.3 million persons and using part of that information to post spam advertisements on Naver and other Web sites."
What made me cringe was this metric below... this is a full 6.5% password-re-use on this single site!
"Of the 2.3 million people whose personal information was hacked, some 150,000 had used the same ID and passwords on Naver, prosecutors said. "
Please, people... learn the lesson.  Don't re-use the same UserID and password all over the place.  More importantly, if you are going to re-use... at least don't mix password use across different types of sites (credit cards, banks, media, social networking, etc)...

Good luck!

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