Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fan of Ubuntu Linux? Thinking security?

Linux Magazine has an article titled "Your Distr ois Insecure: Ubuntu"... and it hit home for me since I converted over from gentoo a few years ago and never looked back.

It's a worthy read and bashes Ubuntu creators a bit for focusing too much on simplicity versus security - but can you blame them?  This is a very careful high-wire act trying to keep usability high and making the OS simple to install, configure and use and the need to make it secure.

My personal verdict?  I still prefer it to a Windows box any day of the week for my needs; it's just important to continue to think about security even as you install Linux.

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Cd-MaN said...

As the comments to the article say, most of the arguments presented are more of the "I would prefer it an other way" type, while some of them are flat out wrong.

As a former malware researcher I would choose Linux over Windows any day, just because 99.999% of the attacks are targeted at Windows (and by using an other OS you are safe, without doing anything).

Yes, it is "security by obscurity", but it works!