Thursday, April 30, 2009

ChicagoCon: "Hacking the Web 2.0"

Hey everyone - if you're in the midwest and have some spare time the week of May 8th and 9th (Fri/Sat) why aren't you coming to ChicagoCon?Link

The conference will feature people like my good pal Mike Murray, and even I'll be there giving a Saturday morning workshop entitled "Hacking the Web 2.0", a hands-on way to learn some of the basics of "auditing and testing" Web 2.0 appliations with a focus on AJAX and Flash-based technologies.

Come on down. Bring your friends, co-workers, or your boss.
I promise you'll learn something and have a darn good time.

Also... I've got a super-secret surprise if you haven't registered yet... post a comment that you're going but not registered yet and a way to contact you. Early birds get the worms.

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