Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Name That [RIA] Talk!"

Current Top 3 - Submissions end end-of-day today (Friday)
not in any particular order

  • RIA: Rich Insecure Application - Jim Manico
  • A Laugh RIAt: Security in Rich Internet Applications - Quine
  • OMG! pwn RIA via API - Lisa Hall

Hello everyone - I'm once again at a creative impass.  I've been trying all day to figure out a catchy, creative, and most importantly short title for my next talk which is scheduled for the OWASP Canada trip I'm making in 2 weeks, as well as a submission to OWASP '09 (cat's outta da bag, whoops)...

Anyway, here are the rules for naming the talk... I will select the 3 best then let people vote on here and twitter... winner gets an honorable mention in the talk (and an adult beverage at next meet-up).
  • Must reference hacking (somehow)
  • Must reference RIA (Rich Internet Applications) as a whole...
  • Must be relatively short
  • Must be humorous
Submit them as comments here in the blog, or via twitter DMs... top 3 chosen SOON!


Nick Bell said...

"Bringing down the Rich"

dre said...

Die-o-RIA: Squirting out new vulns for new technologies

dre said...

Taque-RIA: You'll Be Sorry

Rafal Los said...

@Nick Bell : OK, that makes top-3

@Andre: The Die-o-RIA is a little too "edgy" but I like it... I like the other one, funny!

dre said...

@ Rafal:

More edgy than "Premature Ajax-ulation"? I don't think so.

Jim Manico said...

Go simple:

RIA: "Rich Insecure Application"

Rafal Los said...

@Jim Manico - Def one of my top 3... love that one

@Andre - good point

Anonymous said...

Something like "A Laugh RIAt: Security in Rich Internet Applications"