Thursday, March 12, 2009

InfoSec World 2009 - Slides Available

For those of you who've been asking ... I've promised and am now delivering. The slides from the 2 InfoSec world 2009 talks I gave...
  1. Application Security Testing - Results You Need - v1.0: A high-level foundational (management-level) approach to web application security testing. An overview of what you want to know, and how you may want to go about it...
  2. Total Browser Pwnag3 - v1.0: [with Josh Abraham from Rapid7] This talk focused on the web browser itself and presented a series of attack vectors aimed at destroying any faith anyone has left in the "web browser" as a tool... and also included a sprinkling of never-before-demonstrated exploits... good stuff.
They are both posted here []. Josh will be posting the video demos with voice-over very very soon... and I will link to it from here.

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