Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chinese Hackers ... like mushrooms

I'm not sure if you've caught this from the 4X Security team blog, but apparently Chinese hackers unions are popping up like "mushrooms". Their story is interesting enough regarding the Russian Consulate so I won't re-iterate that - but what I do find interesting is the rate at which the Chinese are starting to weaponize hacking.

Chinese hackers have long been known to perpetrate politically motivated web site defacements; which really isn't a big deal to be honest, but it appears as though the "cyber-violence" is starting to escalate at an alarming rate, and the groups of hackers (unions) are organizing faster and faster.

As an intelligent person one has to ask themselves if the Chinese government has anything to do with this... the answer is relatively simple. If you read this piece from last year, you can see that while hacking in China has evolved much like anywhere else, the Chinese government has brainwashed their own population into performing these acts of cyber-crime on their behalf. I suppose saying that Chinese hackers are popping up like mushrooms isn't far from the truth - because the Chinese government is keeping them in the dark, and feeding them shit.

The one odd thing is that as organized and smart (I won't say intelligent, that's a different thing) as some of these hackers are they can't seem to free-think, or break through their government's "Great Firewall of China"... but they can hack US and other websites hosted all over the world? Something doesn't add up.

Mushrooms.... indeed.

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Anonymous said...

I spent some time in China and the sad thing is that most young people don't even have the desire to try to get around the Great Firewall. Most of the time they spend online involves chatting and social networking, and they pretty much accept whatever news and information the government feeds them.