Saturday, February 7, 2009

Your GPS is evil

Everyone has a GPS in their vehicle these days.  I bet you've even programmed your house into the home button, right?  I'd like to tell you that's a really bad idea.  Why, you wonder?  Consider this.
As your car is parked in the garage at the office, someone breaks your window and swipes your GPS.  They also swipe your garage door opener.  They then drive to your house (thanks to the help of your GPS) and open your garage while you're at work.  They can then help themselves to what ever you own, and leave without arousing suspicion.
So what should you do,  you're probably asking yourself.  I suggest going to the nearest gas station from your home, a fast-food restaurant, or some place far enough from your home but so that you know where you are and set that as your home.  This measure, although simple, will keep some thief from possibly being led straight to your home.

Stay safe!


Anonymous said...

Forget GPS, what about your vehicle registration? Oil change sticker in the window? Junk mail on the floorboard? There is generally enough info in a car to figure out where it belongs. Good tip though!

Anonymous said...

That is pretty darn interesting & a good point indeed. Nice one.

ascetik said...

Or they could just follow you home if they are interested enough in breaking into your house after stealing your garage door opener. Maybe you really just shouldn't have a wireless garage door opener ;)