Monday, February 16, 2009

Wyndham Hotels Victim of Hackers

It's just February 16th, but already the data breaches from this year have reached epic proportions. We've already had a for-the-record-books data breach in Heartland Payment Systems which is being class-action sued [thrice!], and by one of the legal firms [ Berger & Montague ] which beat up on TJX in court (awesome, go get 'em!). Now, Wyndham Hotels has announced that anyone who's stayed at one of their hotels should be checking their credit card statements... really? How many credit monitoring offers can one person handle? I know I've personally gotten 5 (at least, I lost track) in the past year...

Let's take a step back, just for a second. At what point do all these data breaches drop into the background noise of the news? I am rather excited that this type of news still makes the front pages but at some point it's going to start becoming "yet another data breach story"? Or am I wrong?

All these companies should be ashamed of themselves, from a PR perspective at least, but there are consequences, aren't there? We, the consumers, keep hearing the "check your credit statement" line so often ... I don't know about you but I already look at my credit card statement online daily - it's just something I've learned to live with. I'm afraid the news will eventually (in the near future) lose its sting.

What do you think?

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