Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hacker Losses for 2008 at $1Trillion

... and 2009 is just getting warmed up...it's only the second week of February!

According to this story on the front page of Yahoo! today, $1 Trillion dollars worth of data loss was perpetrated in 2008. That is more than the current spending bill...erm, "stimulus bill" being proposed by Pres. Obama. That kind of money is staggering... and now it's making the front pages.

A quick recap of the two biggest events so far yields Heartland Payment Systems (HPS) and SRA International have both lost staggering amounts of cardholder records and will in all likelihood be forced out of business due to losses, law suits, and fines. There seems to be more hacks every day that continue to pile up, and the numbers seem to pile up faster as the world economic condition struggles to stave off global depression. Obviously organized crime has found a way to thrive in these dark times; so remember that your employees are even more vulnerable to orgnized cime "temptations" for insider crime.

The atrocities at SRA and HPS, if you analyze them rationally, could not have been perpetrated by a "virus"; but are most likely the victims of custom-created malware which was seeded by an insider. As things get worse the insiders, those employees terrified about losing their jobs - will be your greatest enemies.

Think carefully before cutting those security dollars and spend on security programs, lest your business be the next victim in the $1 Trillion+ loss-pile for 2009.

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