Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Commentary on social media vs privacy

It seems that you can't get away from social media lately. Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Dopplr... and those are just the ones you'll find me on.

While MySpace (which is currently the reigning king of social media geared towards children, and those who would prey upon them) recently kicked off 90,000 sexual offenders I'm left pondering the pervasiveness of social media on our lives and the impact that has on our culture.

The first thing that springs to mind is privacy, or lack thereof. As we post our whereabouts on twitter, FaceBook, and other locations we start to whittle away our own privacy yet we complain about the measures our government takes to keep track of us on the expressways (as an example). It seems that it's OK when we give up our privacy ourselves, but when someone else takes it away that's not OK... I guess I can see that.

To take this a step further, have you ever Google'd yourself? How much information can someone find out about you online via a simple search? Would a thief know when to show up at your home and rob you blind? Could someone guess a password of yours simply by keeping track of your interests online? Think about it.

The next time you go and post your status to Twitter, FaceBook, or MySpace... make sure you know what you're getting into. There is a price to pay for social connectivity - and that price is privacy.

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Nick Bell said...

You should check out It pulls up a lot more detail information about yourself than Google does!!!