Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Psst! Wanna buy some bots? - BFBot SPAM

I opened up GMail today, and what did I find? This little piece of spam was waiting for me:
If you are interest in malware, bots and botnets then read on!

BFBOT is the best bot you can buy for price sub 1000 EUR. It has stability, performance and reliability no other bot can provide. It is enough secure that you will never have to worry about skiddies stealing your bots. The spreading rate is the best out of any bot you can buy, and can each 10.000 or more newly infected PCs per day if you combine it with browsers exploit pack. The protocol is very reliable and proved to be much better choice than standard IRC. Besides minimum bandwidth needed to run the botnet, it also greatly reduces server side resources compared to IRC protocol. Therefore BFBOT server can hold around 4-5 times more bots! That
is not all - you can configure server to give different commands to bots and command bots from certain country only. And when your botnet grows to 20.000 and more, polymorphism of the bot will take care it stays undetected!

Join the small community of happy BFBOT customers that are enjoying their big botnets gained by BFBOT and buy BFBOT today, because there are only 5 packages left!

Website for more info: http:'/'/bfsecurity.net

BFBOT developer

Whoa! I couldn't help myself so I fired up FireFox, NoScript and headed over to the link above. This thing, if it's all that and a bag of popcorn, is one bad-mother... Apparently it's even polymorphic which means it'll evade signature detection pretty well. Lovely.

Anyone want to scrape some Euro together and buy some bots for, you know, analysis?


Anonymous said...

This is all correct.
If you want a browser exploit pack, it is in there also..

Anonymous said...

This thing is getting an epiloque isn't it?