Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thwarted by YoVille

Yoville sucks... but more on that in a second.

Well, I officially started my "mandatory" 2-weeks vacation courtesy of HP today and I figured I'd start it off by converting my wife's malware-ridden WindowsXP laptop to something less security-issue-prone. Naturally I picked Ubuntu (8.10) since that's what my workstation at home (formerly Vista Ultimate) runs.....

Everything was going so well. I'd managed to convince her that this OS would be faster (which it was, booted in 30 seconds versus a minute and 30 seconds); and this OS would be more stable, more flexible, more "cool" and definitely (and most importantly, to me anyway) more secure.

Everything was rocking until she hopped on Facebook, and then went to meet some of her virtual friends on Yoville!... and that's where things went sideways.

Apparently, all the security and extensibility in the world was no match for a broken Flash 10 plug-in. Apparently, Flash 10 doesn't work so well in Ubuntu 8.10; and it breaks Yoville.

Dammit. I was so close... so close.

This undoubtedly proves my point - security without the usability of "cool" is never going to catch on.

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Anonymous said...

you could always install winxp in virtualbox or vmware so she can run firefox/flash JUST for yoville. as long as you do the work, i bet your wife won't mind.