Friday, December 12, 2008

SFO Airport - Security Assessment RFP

In case anyone out there is interested, San Francisco Airport has issued a RFP for a full-scale assessment of all of their physical and digital security measures. I think I find it interesting that the expected price tag is around $375,000 over the course of the engagement. That's a lot of money to spend, but absolutely necessary.

I've flown through SFO a time or two, and believe me they're going to find a trove of security vulnerabilities in that airport... assuming they can get through the ridiculous lines and terrible inefficiencies of that place.



Anonymous said...

Not sure, but i would think that someone who had the "greater good" of security in mind wouldn't post comments such as "and believe me they're going to find a trove of security vulnerabilities in that airport".

I thought the security community was out to protect the weak and not drive attention to someone or something that is potentially vulnerable.


Rafal Los said...

@Anonymous coward:
Actually - why is that lame? Pointing out vulnerabilities is the *only* way to make people listen! Look at the digital world - more often than not vulnerabilities in applications, sites, and programs are *ignored by the developer* until they're pointed out publicly.

... so yes - SFO has many, many security vulnerabilities both physical and digital, from the experiences of being there myself and just observing. Am I glad someone is *finally* looking into fixing them (maybe)... hell yes!

Marcin said...

"Conduct an Airport Threat and Security Vulnerability Assessment to include an Assessment Report. Develop a three-year Airport Security Strategic Plan. Provide consulting services for up to one year after the assessment."

$375,000 ??

I find that number to be pretty low for the work involved, especially considering the consulting firm provide services for a year after the engagement (paid/unpaid not specified).