Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Failed - The 5 Reasons Why...

Failed: Information Security and Data Protection in a Consumer Digital World by Rafal Los on 15/12/08

Hello everyone, just thought I'd take a minute to say that my paper was accepted and published on on 12/15/2008. Direct link included above for your reading pleasure

I published this myself a while back but it's nice to see it formalized and available permanently now - I continue to welcome your comments and thoughts on the paper or the topic.


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Anonymous said...

Rafal - Have you seen the recent Ponemon / TrustE privacy survey?

I may be somewhat biased since I work for one of the companies in the Top 10, but I have read the survey results and I think there is evidence that consumers - especially online consumers - are more tuned into identity theft, malware, and other questionable things then we might think.