Friday, October 10, 2008

Closing thoughts for a Friday

Hey folks - just some closing thoughts for a Friday. Hope everyone's had a decent week, and by now you've got a cold one in hand. Here are some thoughts I had as this week tails off into another weekend.
  1. Has anyone paid attention to the sheer stupidity of public services lately with regard to data loss/theft? I mean, seriously! I have a Google Alerts "as it happens" notification set up for "security breach" +data and if you haven't paid attention there have been an absolutely stupifyingly overwhelming amount of data breaches that involve our government or its entities in some way. Foreign governments, schools, social services - all losing laptops, getting hacked and the toll is mounting. Last count we're somewhere in the 2MM+ records lost in the past few weeks. When will the carnage stop? (More on this in a future post as I have some serious research to do. If you'd like to help ping me directly.)
  2. Cloud computing... so I was talking to a colleague and friend over at PureWire, and he is absolutely religiously convinced that in a short period of time (and I quote) ... "Everyone will be doing it [in-the-cloud security], it's inevitable". I tend to disagree, in fact - I think "In the Cloud" security is a bit of a scary proposition - but I'm hoping to have a 20-questions type of interview posted here on this blog with the folks that are running the gears over at PureWire.
  3. I'm finally going to get around to posting that interview I did with a "semi-ehtical-DarkSEO dude" in the next few weeks when thing settle down at the ranch a little. It's been sitting on my desktop, and everyone's been killing me to publish it - problem is - it's huge (10+ pages of good info, I think). Does anyone know where I can post it? I'll post part of the interview to the blog here as a teaser, and the rest to a site somewhere, as a PDF/paper. Your suggestions are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. The number of data breaches is staggering.