Sunday, September 21, 2008

TSA "Special Screening" Fun

Hi friends - Odds are, as you read this on Monday morning with your donut and latte, I'll be getting "Special Screening" from our friends at the TSA.

Why? I've got 3 one-way tickets booked, international, between Chicago, Ottawa (CA), Montreal (CA), and New York City. I didn't do it intentionally to get hassled, it just worked out that way, lovely for me. Conventional logic would tell you that of those 3 tickets, at least one of them will qualify for the "Special Screening" (with the SSSS on the bottom of the boarding pass). I'll report on what happens... stay tuned.

I can't wait to meet up with some folks at the AppSec event in NYC (OWASP '08)... it'll be a blast. For those of you coming to the 2 workshops in Ottawa and Montreal - see you there!


Anonymous said...

Rafal, I sent you an email. See you in NYC. :)

wiisniper said...

Thank you for your presentation in Montreal! It was fun!