Thursday, August 14, 2008

TSA Security - Still an Oxymoron [and getting worse]

The more of these I read, the more I will continue to express my opinion that I shared with an Army gentleman on my way home from Atlanta the other day - the TSA should be fired wholesale, and replaced by competent military personnel.

I can confirm, personally, that the TSA's facilities in SFO are horribly bad, as I walked past a screening point in the airport, past a door marked "Transportation Security Administration Staff Only" which was taped open (meaning, there was tape over the door lock)! Another door was propped open with a chair and a oscilating fan placed on it, presumably to cool off the room.

Now the above mentioned article indicates that an unencrypted computer for the CLEAR program was stolen and then put back into a locked cabinet... how does this happen? First off, how is it that the TSA and its partners are still not encrypting laptops? How does a laptop go missing from a locked cabinet, then get put back into that same locked cabinet without anyone noticing who took it or put it there. How bad is security at these places?

While I understand I may be subjecting myself to some "additional security screening (read: hassle)" I will be starting to take more pictures of the TSA "secure areas" with my trusty travel camera as I travel. Someone needs to expose this crap, and make the TSA accountable - I guess if it has to be me, so be it. While I'm not planning on getting myself into trouble, or taking pictures of anything that's a security breach (obviously, I travel enough to know safety is a concern)... someone has to keep these folks accountable for their absolute lack of knowledge, security, and concern.

More to come.

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