Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hacking Feedburner for Subscribers, Olympic Orange Hacktivism, and more

Hey everyone, just putting together an aggregate of the latest "interesting" news out there on hacking, breaking and such... enjoy.
  1. "Hacking" FeedBurner to get as many subscribers as you want is simple... simply hack the OPML file, import into NetVibes, and voila! Link here:
  2. The new ePassports being distributed around the world are now confirmed to be hacked and cloned in "minutes". This should bother you greatly given that there was recently a large batch of them stolen in the UK, as reported by the BBC. ... I love this quote from the Gizmodo article...
    "Initially, the assumption was that cloned chips would be spotted because their key codes would not match those stored in an international database. However, only 10 of the 45 countries participating in the e-passport program have signed up to for the Public Key Directory (PKD) code system, and only five are currently using it."
  3. "Hacktivism" against China's [lack of] human rights apparently had some hackers changing the headlines colors to Orange on the official Beijing 2008 site, apparently that's what we're supposed to do to protest China... display orange. The Super Bowl site was hacked, why wouldn't this one go down as well? Read more here:,27313,24141410-5017275,00.html
  4. GIFAR... if you haven't heard of this yet - or aren't at BlackHat (like me) to hear the talk and watch the exploits live... Google it. Seriously.
  5. Someone hacked the tornado siren network in Akron/Canton Ohio [US]... hahaha! Seriously though, this could have caused some very serious problems - but underscores just how STUPID these systems are.
  6. Yes, the finally busted the people who "hacked" TJX and Barnes & Noble. Too much press coverage already but in case you were living in a cave, see here, and here... and...
  7. Fake "flash" SPAM campaign ... it's nasty, but yesterday's news. Quick read here.
  8. Exploit Wednesday, as it's called, is an interesting twist on Microsoft's Patch Tuesday... but Microsoft is trying to head this one off at the pass - is this even possible with automated patch-based-exploitation on the horizon?
  9. Apple is now the king of vulnerabilities, not Microsoft! This article points out what all you "Apple's shit don't stink" groupies have already found out - reality check time! IBM's ISS/X-Force released this report which highlights some very interesting facts - does anyone else feel that Oracle is so far back simply bacause it's not publicly disclosing?
  10. Here's one that didn't make the headlines but should - Police in Korea are seeking some hackers who stole 9 million credit records for profit in Korea. There are at least 2 of these "hackers" who ... "escaped to China". I wonder if they were Chinese citizens.
    "Out of the 9 million records the hacker got hold of, 4.8 million belong to banks, 260,000 to loan firms, 650,000 to online shopping malls, 5,300 to universities, and 3.2 million to various web pages."
That's it... now you're caught up.

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