Monday, July 21, 2008

Turkish Hackers Gone Wild

What's up with Turkey lately? There have been reports of Turkish hackers/crackers all over the news the last several days/weeks and I, for one, am wondering what's up? This is a group we normally don't hear much from.

The last time I recall Turkish hackers rampaged the Internet was back in ... 2006, with a link to George Ou's column in ZDNet, here. Since then, as I can recall, they've been relatively quiet.

They've hacked the EU Commission's website, DNS hijacked the PhotoBucket site, and even given some pwn@g3 to ICANN recently. These hackers even went after a teacher's union website in Seattle, US... which is weird. They've even hacked Kaspersky's site in Malaysia - but not to destroy it or inject code... but to put up a [semi] nationalist message. ICANN is an interesting target, not because it's high-visibility but because these folks are the keepers of the Internet, literally. They are supposed to control the address-to-name (DNS) system which runs the Internet, and if they're getting hacked and broken... who knows what else is possible?

We've been preaching that hackers are malicious, evil people who are only out to make personal gains, steal, and create organized crime ... but you have to start to wonder whether the days of just getting down and hacking something "for [insert cause here]" are coming back? Are these self-proclaimed nationalists going after companies, countries and entities that slight Turkey? Could this be something of a cyber-retalliation?

The Croatian Press reported that during the Euro2008 playoffs, on June 21st 9pm local time, once the game between Croatia and Turkey kicked off the Croatian Ministry page was attacked, hacked, and quickly replaced with a Turkish flag and props to their friends.

I found an interesting article here, although obviously not natively in English, I think it's worth a read as it has some vital information in it. In what I can only comment as "a clear act of [digital] espionage" these same hackers went after a "secret report"...

"...on June 13 AyYildiz Team entered to the closed section of EU foreign policy and security commissioner Xavier Solana’s web-site, which contains secret documents, and loaded own program codes there. However the hackers couldn’t get secret information and had to stop virtual attack because experts of the European Commission continually update the Solana’s page."
So... there are at least two teams that I can name from all these news stories, of the hackers from Turkey. There is the "AyYildiz Team" and the "NeTdevilz" which appear to be playing the nationlism card when hacking opposing nations' sites, companies and other entities online. I'm digging into what the issues behind their hacks are... what makes them tick, their aspirations and motivations. Stay tuned.

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