Sunday, July 13, 2008

Schools Beware: You're in the bullseye

Have you noticed the rising number of data breaches involving schools lately?
Have you noticed the number of schools who have had break-ins, data stolen on students?
Have you taken a moment to think about why?

I'm sure I won't be the first person to say that personal records (enough to steal an identity) of students and adolescents are desirable because they will likely not be used for quite some time - and therefore don't have credit monitoring or protection against them. Interesting concept huh? Stealing an identity which hasn't even opened a credit card before... no credit history to go against for triggering anomaly detection systems (in credit files) and the record is likely rarely monitored by the person (or his or her family). This is the perfect mix of ingredients for identity thieves to salivate.

I may be stating the obvious here - but schools really, really need to be on their guard because the identities of students is in the cross-hairs of criminals and would-be identity thieves as you read this.

Here are some recent data breaches in education:


Michael Janke said...

Rafal -

You have an interesting take on why someone would be interested in ID theft of a student.

EDU's seem have a poor security track record. Having been in the EDU/Security space of a decade or so, I have an insiders view of some of the things that make up a secure or unsecure system in what is a very open environment.

There is a somewhat interesting discussion over here. (More interesting if you filter out the less-interesting comments.)


Anonymous said...

A very good warning for those about to divulge their information to an educational institution. This just goes to show that it's never too early to start monitoring your identity, because it's at all times the most valuable asset an individual has.