Saturday, July 5, 2008


You know... I learned some things this 4th of July...

When someone yells "Hey, help me carry this this over there and light it off!"... odds are it isn't going to be a small bang.

Then when that same person remarks "Holy sh**, that wick is 4 feet long! I wonder why?!" - you can certainly put some money down on a big boom, and cops showing up.

But when that very same person yells (in a panicked voice) "RUN! I accidentally lit it!!!"... it's not going to end well.

After the mortars had stopped firing in all directions because the box wasn't properly secured and fell over, and people stopped screaming and dogs stopped barking - there was but one lesson to be learned: "You should always read the box, and it if it says 'DANGER: NON-CONSUMER-GRADE FIREWORKS' ... odds are you shouldn't set it off 50' from a large crowd at your 4th of July cookout. [Dang I wish I had a camera...]


Marcin said...

That is awesome dude!!! Rofl, those make the best 4th of July parties.

Glad to hear no one got hurt, but you now have this story to tell. :)

Russ McRee said... I blew a finger off last night playing with "non-consumer-grade fireworks" last night in the freaking war zone around my house. ;-)
God bless America!