Friday, June 20, 2008

Las Vegas Hotel Security

Las Vegas hotel security is apparently taking pointers from the TSA. You've all heard (or read) me rant about how the TSA is trying very hard to give the "perception" that commercial flight is more secure but the reality is much different... apparently the hotels here in Las Vegas are following suit.

On a recent business trip (still here as I write this) to Vegas I had occasion to stay at the Palazzo hotel, gorgeous in every way including their preception of security. As you walk towards the guest suites you're greeted and interrogated by "security guards" who ask you to show your room key - presumably to keep the hookers out, haha... The odd thing is just holding up a room key, or walking with someone who is, will get you in.

The other interesting thing is what happened to me as I walked out of my room to go down to the pool, realizing that I forgot my key in the room as it slammed behind me. In what I think is a rather disturbing story, here's what happened. I walked down to the registration desk, only to be asked for my photo ID (sound familiar yet?). Obviously I didn't have a wallet so I had no ID on me. The agent asked me for my room number, and my last name - then once I gave her that he told me to go up to my room and wait for security to come up. After about 2 minutes of waiting, security shows up, asks me my last name, which I give them, and lets me into my room. No need to watch me go in, no need for me to produce an ID from my room... nothing.

I am now offiicially worried as crap. I have a laptop, work stuff, and some rather expensive clothes in here, and if all it takes is to get security up to let you in - this is a problem. There is this illusion that there is high security in the hotel - but when it comes to practice, it's just all for show and the reality is security doesn't exist.

What a disappointment in the Palazzo, and what a scarry situation to have to be in... yikes.


Erik said...

Try that with one of your friends rooms, and then i'll be scared. Vegas is well known to have cameras everywhere, who knows, maybe they looked up a picture of you in those two min you were waiting and verified your story before they came up. I might be reaching, but how cool would that be if it were true?

Rafal Los said...

Hey Erik - I'm not sure if that would make me feel safer, or worry me. I can tell you that the security guard didn't seem concerned - and for the record I looked around and didn't see any cameras in the hallways (visible ones) or in my room :)

Anonymous said...

When ever i'm in Vegas I always purchase the security box so I can put my valuables and other things in. There are always cameras in the hallways, they are hidden from away so no one can see them. Just remember to always carry your id on you and be prepared to show it when you lose your roomcard.