Monday, June 23, 2008

Cell Phone as Boarding Pass

If you haven't caught this yet, the details are very scarce (let me know if you find anything worth posting, besides what's in this InformationWeek article already) and no one seems to be giving away more than the absolutely bare press-release... I can only imagine the ramifications of being able to not only use your cell phone for "boarding pass" purposes but other things now. Can you imagine the social engineering/hacking that'll go on?! I wish I knew more... like what the "encryption" will be used for? Will they simply just barcode-style scan your phone device?

Figures... spoke too soon. More info here.

As a commentary - I find it interesting that I've been "checking in" virtually on United Airlines and American Airlines for months now... and printing my own boarding pass. Is this any more convenient? To have a barcode on your phone rather than on a piece of paper? Maybe...

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