Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What to make of "Hacker Eliminator"

Greetings - I've been traveling a significant amount lately so it's harder and harder to find time to sit down and write something more than meandering thoughts - but I've been putting this together in my head for a while and now it's time to write it down and hit the Publish Post button.

As many of you may already have figured out I tend to be hard on companies that are, how shall I put it, fraudulent in their "security" services. "Hacker Eliminator" quickly rises to the top of this list like spoiled milk in my latte... quite obvious, yet still oddly intriguing. A little digging revealed the following:

Company Name: LockDown Corp.
Product Name: "Hacker Eliminator"
Product Motto: "Picks up where antivirus programs and firewalls leave off"
Home Page:
Current verion: 1.2

First off, allow me to say that *anyone* who puts the following on their site/product invites people to outright make fun of you... "Hacker Proof Guarantee: You will not become infected with a remote access Trojan without getting a warning. This is why" Impressive! They offer 3 layers of protection - scanning files, detecting startup methods, and detection of Internet servers/processes. Again, very impressive... I think every virus scanner on the planet does this... in 2001.

Below is a quick paste of the quote from "LockDown Corp."... wow - they have 6 years of experience! That's almost as many as I have they must be good!
About LockDown Corp.
LockDown is an established security Company. Our staff has been servicing end users, Fortune Five Hundred Companies, State and Federal Government Agencies as well as Military Branches, with data and Internet security / training for over six years.
Anyway... I just had to click on the "Buy Now" page, which by the way is some 3rd party payment company called "". From their SSL certificate they installed the cert in June of 2003, and set it to not expire - a great security (I mean, usability) feature. The issuer, obviously a trustworthy company, is as follows:
E =
CN = *
OU = 44-P Dover Point Office
O = LockDown Corp
L = Dover
ST = New Hampshire
C = US
YIKES. Something else interesting on this page, where you'd "buy" the Hacker Eliminator product - notice some of the other awesome products for purchase? Also, look at the bottom of the page, interesting enough the Copyright date and browser compatibility as here:
Copyright 2002 One Second Online Services:
Site best viewed with IE v5.0 or above

So let's recap, so far everything looks and smells like Fisherman's Warf on a sunny morning... It gets better folks, it just gets better. Check this page out. They're using SubSeven 2.1.4 (how old is that again?) and NT 4.0 as the screen shots - are you kidding me?! Wow - I'm convinced, sign me up, where do I send my check?

At least let's look at LockDown Corp's crack team of researchers and see what sorts of things they've uncovered lately. Click here, and here, but be prepared for some serious 0-day stuff. Be careful of those "Hacker Tricks"... Hopefully their privacy policy is at least responsible.... oops!

Alrighty, so by now you're asking yourself - "Self, is this even a real company? Are they for real?" I'm thinking that myself, and while I download and dissect their EXEs I offer you the chance to decide for your own damn self. Oh, and in case you want to look them up, their DnB number is #15-483-9976 and their Tax ID # is 02-0509165 (right off their pages).

Oh, one last thing... They're running Apache 1.3.27, which is from back in... oh, 2002 I think?

EDIT: So I went back to the "Wayback Machine" and dug up their site, wow... their last update was Aug. 18, 2007 and since 2002 when the site first went up the site has been changed a whopping 13 times. Go Hacker-Eliminator and LockDown Corp!


Tom Los said...

I find it funny that, if you look on the way back machine of their site in 2002, it looks almost identical to what it is today.... What an extensive web presence!

And what's your beef with Win NT? The only thing that bothered me was that Dr. Watson guy.. pesky little bugger!

The Last Capitalist said...

Well - ran across this blog post quite by accident. Check this:

Same product - different day.

The scum you are writing about helped to trash this young man. I know - I helped him in his efforts.

ch33rs JoWazzoo