Monday, May 12, 2008

McAfee security for the web!

I can't take it anymore... I've been laughing so hard since my pal Russ McRee sent me this link today. I need to share this with you fine folks out there.
Apparently, McAfee is building upon the fine reputation they have as a security company and are announcing that they will be adding a feature to your search. Starting this summer, if you're using their toolbar (and who isn't...) you'll get an extra feature that will tell you whether a site is safe to go clicking on and additional whether it's "safe from hackers". Check this quote out:

"Within search results, consumers will see McAfee SiteAdvisor's green, yellow and red ratings that clearly indicate whether a site is safe, if the consumer needs to exercise caution, or if it's risky. They will also see McAfee Secure sites-those that have passed stringent tests that help to ensure they are safe from external hackers."
Great! So it sounds like they're building upon the very successful "Hacker Safe" program (which oddly enough they don't mention here...) to tell you that they've "stringently tested a web site" and that's free for (err... of rather) hackers. Seriously... are they simply re-branding the failed "HackerSafe" program?

I can't wait to sign up.

EDIT (5/12/08 @ 1:08pm CDT)
I just had to post this too... here's the link to their PR site ( where they now boast their PCI Certification service using... ScanAlert! Here's the quote... if you're eating/drinking swallow so it doesn't end up on the screen...

McAfee PCI Compliance Service helps ecommerce sites that accept payment cards meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DDS) compliance. PCI DSS was originally established by major credit card companies as a way to help merchants protect card and payment information. With McAfee’s PCI Compliance Service, ebusinesses have wizards, interactive tools, and automated procedures that make it fast and easy to meet PCI DSS Security Standards.

With the integration of Hacker Safe and other ScanAlert products and the partnership with Yahoo!, McAfee positions itself as a leader in the Secure Internet arena.
----- Oh will the hilarity never stop?


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New to the relm of technology I have to ask, why is this so funny?

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Thanks for this