Tuesday, April 1, 2008

News Commentary: Advanced Auto Parts

I've focused on this line in the write-up of this story:

The retailer reported March 31 that a "network intrusion" had exposed financial information and was the subject of a criminal investigation.

... and while I can't comment (because I don't know) on how the data was 'removed' from Advanced Auto Parts, or what the "network intrusion" was - I'm willing to give great odds that it happened via either a wireless hack, or web-application hack.

Let me go back to that line I highlighted above - they are now the subject of a criminal investigation. Hrmm... that can be interpreted as either "they did something bad, it got them in trouble, and they're being investigated" OR "they are participating in the criminal investigation to figure out what happened"... Im' betting on the first option. The more that companies are thrown into hot water for this kind of "intrusion", the better for the consumer. That's not to say that legitimately, sometimes a company does all it can and it still gets hacked; but awareness must be raised at the CxO level, and the only way to do that is by costing negligent companies big buck$.

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